Thanks for looking into my work! This is the site I submitted for Colorado Journalist of the Year. To see my portfolio for the competition for the JEA’s National Journalist of the Year, click here! To see what I pieced together to become the Dorothy Greer Scholarship winner, continue reading below.

Before you begin, I thought I’d give you a little bit of background on who I am and why I’m applying to be the Journalism Education Association’s Journalist of the Year. Of course you can read further into who I am and what I’m passionate about in the “About Me” section, but I figured I would start you off with something.

I joined my school’s media program, VISTAj, during my sophomore year. Since then, I’ve had a good understanding of my goal in life: to tell stories that impact the general public and spread knowledge through society.BOE

I now consider myself to be an (almost) star student, a committed community volunteer and, most importantly, a full-time journalist and co-editor-in-chief of Mountain Vista Media.

Putting together this portfolio, I began to realize I was showcasing more than just schoolwork – I’ve really pieced together a view into my life over the past three years. When I received the Dorothy Greer Scholarship for the Colorado Journalist of the Year, a wave of relief and reassurance washed over me as I have devoted every minute of every hour of every day to news and the media since I became a leader on staff for Mountain Vista Media.

From my school’s community to the international level, everything I’ve done throughout my entire educational and professional career since I first sparked an interest in journalism my sophomore year has revolved around journalism. My involvement with MVM has shown me the impact news has on our society and how immensely stories can influence a community.

It’s for this reason that journalism has become such a focal point of my life and I cannot imagine how drastically different I may be had I never walked into a media class during my high-school career.

I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to put together this portfolio and cannot thank you enough for taking time to look into my work and experiences.